Exporting and Managing Financial Statements in Client Management

You can view, filter, and export a client's Financial Statements in Client Management. SmartVault also tracks when your clients view and download their statements. You can easily filter which clients need a reminder email and send them in Client Management.

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault portal.
  2. Click Client Management in the navigation bar, then click your client's name to see their Client Details page.

    Image of left side navigation panel. See information above.

  3. Go to the Send Financials tab, select the statements you want to manage, then click:
    • Export to CSV —Download a CSV file of the list of the client's financial statements
    • Send Reminder —Send your client a reminder email to view their financial statement(s)
    • Filters—Find financial statements based on certain criteria. Choose your filters, then click outside the filter options menu to see the filtered results. The filter options are:
      • Month of Engagement
      • Have the financial statements been printed?
      • Have the financial statements been emailed?
      • Has the client downloaded the financial statements?
      • Has the Financial Statements reminder been sent?
      • Year
      • Whether or not the financial statement is shared with the client
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