Sending Financial Statement Reminder Emails in Client Management

Accounting Pro plan customers can use the Client Management page to remind their clients their Financial Statements are ready to view and download. Clients receive an email with a secure link to their documents. You can set up email notifications to alert you and/or your employees when your client downloads their statements.

If you need to send financial statements to multiple clients at the same time, use the Ready to Send shortcuts on your home page.

Sending Reminders in Client Management

To send a reminder to clients who haven't downloaded their financial statements:

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal and click Client Management in the navigation panel.
  2. Go to the client you need to notify and click their name to open the Client Details page.
    • If you have created a new client but do not see their name listed within the Auto-File tool, please open the Connected Desktop and refresh your client list.
  3. Click Filters and set the filters to the correct month.
  4. Choose Yes for Have Financial Statements been emailed? to filter by statements that have already been sent to the client.


  5. Choose the statements you wish to send reminders about, then click Send Reminder to re-send the email notification to that client.
  6. Click OK to confirm the reminder.

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