Installing the SmartVault Application within Rightworks

Collect, manage, prepare, and share all your firm and client documents with SmartVault—a single, integrated document management and client portal solution.

Installing the SmartVault Desktop Application

To install the SmartVault application for yourself or other users, follow the instructions that correspond with your User Role:

Standard User Role

To install SmartVault via the Rightworks User Management Portal:

  1. Log into your Rightworks AppHub.
  2. Select My Apps from the navigation sidebar.
  3. The SmartVault application will appear in the Auto Install Apps tab; locate it and click Install. The installation will begin automatically, and a progress bar will show the installation progress.
    Also, you can type "SmartVault" in the Search bar to find the app.


    Please contact your Account Owner or Account Admin if you need help installing the application.

  4. The SmartVault app will move to the Installed Applications section after installation.
  5. If your Remote Desktop is active, click the Logoff button to end your current session.
  6. Log back into your Remote Desktop to start using SmartVault.

Elevated User Role

To install the SmartVault Desktop for other users, you must log in as an Account Owner, Account Admin, Billing Admin, or Support Contact

  1. Log into your Rightworks AppHub.
  2. Click Admin Console in the navigation sidebar. 
  3. Select the Users tab, and click the user on whose desktop you want to install SmartVault.
  4. The SmartVault application will be listed either in Auto Install Apps or Manual Install Apps; locate it and click Install.
    The installation will begin automatically, and a progress bar will show the installation progress.  
  5. The SmartVault app will move to the Installed Applications section after installation.
  6. If the user was logged in while installing the application, they might have to end the current session by clicking the Logoff button or Start > Log Off.
    Then, have the user log back in to start using SmartVault. 


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