March 2023 Release Notes

 Release Date: April 20, 2023

What was updated?

Merge Clients Experience in the Portal

When merging clients, if the client names don't match, admin users can now edit the client's name during the merge transaction, providing more control and flexibility. 

Prevent opening QBW Files from SmartVault

To improve the user experience and prevent unnecessary interruption to the SmartVault Connected Desktop, we display a message recommending users download and open the QBW files.


Fujitsu ScanSnap Integration Dialog

The new dialog makes integrating SmartVault with the latest ScanSnap scanners easier. With this enhancement, we have implemented support for the new ScanSnap Home software and added a new dialog window that allows users to select the profile they want to create. 


Connected Desktop: Hyperlink to Help Article when uploading QBW files to SmartVault

To improve the user experience when uploading QBW files to SmartVault via the Connected Desktop, we display a dialog message with a link to the help article with instructions to use the QuickBooks Backup/Restore feature

Docdown: Custom Location Workflow 

Users can now choose a custom location to place all documents created by a Docdown workflow. With this enhancement, the folder where the document lands is determined by the user's selection within the workflow. If there is no folder with the selected name, a new folder will be created automatically. Additionally, the feature allows users to view completed documents in the custom location chosen within the Docdown workflow. 



Docdown: Custom Type Qualifiers Routing

The Docdown feature has been enhanced to resolve an issue where documents were not routed to the correct folder when a firm user added a custom Type Qualifier to a client. Due to a hard-coded list, Docdown didn't update the type qualifiers users created. Documents are now routed to the correct client folder with custom Type Qualifiers offering firm users more flexibility and control over handling their clients' documents. 

Quoters: Custom Fields Tab and Personalized Placeholders for Quotes

The new Custom Fields tab in the Settings menu enables users to add, edit, and store personalized placeholders that can be used with any template. Users can easily access and select custom fields and placeholders by clicking on the quote page. As a result, Quoters users can more easily create and send quotes and proposals that meet their clients' needs. 

Quoters: Hide Reject/Accept Buttons for Viewers in Quoters

Viewers of a proposal in Quoters can no longer see the Reject or Accept buttons. This functionality is restricted to only acceptors of a quote/proposal. This change ensures that only the appropriate users have access to these buttons and prevents confusion for viewers.

Quoters: Settings - Timezone and Currency

Quoters users can now select their default currency and time zone on the settings page. This feature allows users to send quotes/proposals without switching their timezone or geolocation, making working in different time zones easier.

What was fixed?

Empty Client Contact Card in Client Edit View

An empty client contact card will now appear in the client edit view when a user creates it in the Legacy view. This enhancement addresses an issue where the client contact with an extra name field in the Legacy view for the main contact did not have any field in Client Management, making saving in the new view impossible. 

Remove Copy Option for Clients on Vaults/Folders

We have removed the "Copy" option for clients on Vaults and Folders. Now, clients without permission to copy or move Vaults/Folders will no longer have the option displayed. This change ensures that the business logic is followed, which states that guest licenses can only manipulate files and never folder structures.

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