Integrating your SmartVault Account with TaxCalc


SmartVault is referred to as “Document Manager” in TaxCalc. To start using Document Manager, you have to integrate your SmartVault account with TaxCalc.

The following video walks you through integrating your SmartVault account with TaxCalc.

Integrate your SmartVault Account with TaxCalc

  1. Log in to TaxCalc and select Admin Center.


  2. Navigate to Users, and click on your user name.


  3. From the Hub Administrator menu, click Document Manager Details.
  4. Enter the User Email Address that you use to access the SmartVault account, click Authorize Email, and then Continue.


  5. Click Authorize and then Close.


  6. Sign in to your SmartVault account (the password created should be complex of at least 12 characters with an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, and punctuation included). If you don't remember your password, you can click Can't sign in?.


  7. A two-factor Verification Code will be emailed to you – enter the code and click Submit.


  8. A screen will appear asking you to allow TaxCalc to access your SmartVault account – click Allow.


  9. Click Close.


  10. Select your SmartVault Account from the drop-down list and click Continue at the bottom right.


  11. Keep clicking Continue through the screens until you get to the final screen to click Finish and Save.


You have now integrated TaxCalc with SmartVault!

You can now save the documents you create in TaxCalc in the Document Manager, save E-Sign envelopes, and create clients in SmartVault from TaxCalc. The next step is to import your customer list from TaxCalc into SmartVault. Take a look at the other videos in the series for more help.

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