SmartVault and QuickBooks Integration Workflow


SmartVault integrates directly with Intuit QuickBooks (Desktop) as a toolbar.

The integration provides the ability to:

  • Scan and attach or browse and attach documents to supported entries in QuickBooks.
  • Access your attachments anytime, anywhere.
  • Easily find the files you need inside of QuickBooks and stay audit-ready.
  • Back up and share your QuickBooks company files to mitigate a disaster.

How it Works


  1. Activate your SmartVault Account.
  2. Install the SmartVault Desktop Software.
    • A single download gives you access to the SmartVault Toolbar for QuickBooks, the SmartVault Drive, and the SmartVault Inbox.
  3. Connect SmartVault to QuickBooks.
    • Sign in to SmartVault desktop software using your SmartVault user ID and password.
  4. Set up the vault and folders for your QuickBooks company files. Create additional vaults for storing your QuickBooks company files, if necessary.
Add QuickBooks Company Files to SmartVault

To attach documents to QuickBooks, you must add your company file to SmartVault.

  1. Locate and open the company file you want to add to SmartVault.
  2. Grant SmartVault access to the company file via the QuickBooks Application Certificate.
  3. Select the vault to which you want to add the QuickBooks company file.
  4. The SmartVault Toolbar integrates with your QuickBooks company file and displays on your QuickBooks window's right side. 
Attach Supporting Documents to QuickBooks Entries

Upload and attach documents to QuickBooks entries using the SmartVault Toolbar:

  • Upload and attach a document stored on your computer or a network folder.
  • Attach a document stored in a SmartVault folder. 
  • Quickly scan and attach a document using a compliant scanner connected to your local computer.
Backup and Share your QuickBooks Company Files

Sharing QuickBooks company files allows users to use the SmartVault Toolbar and access documents attached to QuickBooks entries and documents stored in the SmartVault Portal.

  1. Share QuickBooks company files using the View Access and Notification Settings.
    • Share QuickBooks company files with existing users in the SmartVault account.
    • Share QuickBooks company files with a user that is not currently a user in the SmartVault account. 
  2. Users will have access to the SmartVault Toolbar to view, download, upload, delete, edit document properties, and attach documents only to specific entries in QuickBooks.
Access your Attachments from a Mobile Device
Install the SmartVault App for iPad or iPhone and access your attached documents anywhere, anytime.
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