February 2021 Release Notes

 Release Date: March 11, 2021

Manage Authoritative Copies with the Certified Vault Add-on!

SmartVault is launching the Certified Vault Add-on offering you the ability to request signatures on documents that become the immutable Authoritative Copy complying with the UCC 9-105 requirements.

The authoritative copy is any record that evidences both a monetary obligation and a security interest in specific goods.


      • Powered by DocuSign.
      • New robust APIs trigger the electronic asset to be "Vaulted" (DocuSign term), marking SmartVault as the holder of the Authoritative Copy.
      • Watermarks a copy placed in the initially requested location.
      • All UCC 9-105 requirements in a special Vault under the "Firm" container.
      • New permissions around Certified Vault users.


      • The Certified Vault Add-on is available for SmartVault plans: Accounting Enterprise and SmartVault for Business Enterprise.
      • The Certified Vault feature is a paid add-on. For pricing please contact the SmartVault Sales Team.





Change in eSignature Behavior (for all users)

PDFs when eSigned no longer replace the original file. The new behavior will keep the original PDF and generate a new one adding "_Signed" to the file name's end. 



What was fixed?

The Preview functionality for names with special characters (account, container, vault, folder, or file)

The preview functionality is working as expected when special characters are present in the account, container, vault, folder, or file name.

The URL for "Additional Links"

The links for Help "?" and "Additional links" are reconciled to the same page on the help site.

Removing the “Delete” button under the employee/badge icon when creating a new employee

We have removed the "Delete" button under the employee/badge icon on the Employee Dashboard, which was not relevant and non-functional when creating a new employee.

Documents using a DocuSign template return to SmartVault when signed

When sending a document using a DocuSign template, the document is returned to its folder in SmartVault once is signed. 

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