Exploring the SmartVault Inbox

SmartVault Inbox lets you manage and organize client workflows while securely converting paper documents into digital files. This is an efficient tool that enables the scanning and uploading of paper documents to the company-specific Inbox folder within SmartVault.

Key Highlights

  • Accessible to all SmartVault Plan users, but requires login to the Launchpad.
  • Enables quick scanning, uploading, and downloading of files without using the SmartVault Portal.
  • Assists Client and Guest users in scanning and uploading supporting documents for transactions or entries in QuickBooks or Reckon Accounts.

Accessing the SmartVault Inbox

To access the tool, select SmartVault Inbox on the SmartVault Launchpad.


All Folders Tab

The All Folders tab lets you:

  • Scan and upload documents to SmartVault folders.
  • View all uploaded documents.
  • Navigate to the desired folder in SmartVault.


SmartVault will remember the last folder accessed and displays the path on the My Accounts bar.


Inbox Folders for Integrated Apps Tab

This tab lets you:

  • Scan and upload documents for integrated applications.
  • Access automatically created inbox folders for each application, such as QuickBooks company files.



The My Accounts bar shows the last accessed folder path.


These are all the actions you can perform within the SmartVault Inbox tool:

  • Browse: Navigate and select the Inbox folder's location in SmartVault for uploading documents.
  • Add: Upload documents by scanning or browsing a local or network drive.
  • Open: Select and open a file or document.
  • Save: Save a copy of a document or file from an Inbox folder to a local or network drive.
  • Print: Print a selected document from an Inbox folder.
  • Delete: Delete a selected document or file from an Inbox folder.
  • Get Link: Generate a shareable link for a selected document, allowing clients with access to view the linked information.
  • Send Link: Send the shareable link for a selected document to multiple clients/users.
  • Modify: Change the name and description of a selected file in the Inbox folder.
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