Getting Started with SmartVault Request Docs - Guest User Experience


The SmartVault Request Docs feature is an efficient way for Guest users to upload required documents and answer any questions requested by the SmartVault account administrator. 


  • Upload only the documents requested.
  • Provide additional comments on certain requested documents.
  • Choose to specify a particular request for a document that does not apply.
  • Continue to upload the requested documents over time until you are finished.
  • Keep track of all your requests on one easy-to-read page.
  • Option to revisit the documents you’ve uploaded and submitted in the past.
  • Get notified when a request has been made of you.

Things to know

  • As a guest user, your SmartVault account owner will have the option to request a list of documents for you to upload for a specific type of engagement, such as Tax, Accounting Services, or even special one-time projects.
  • When your SmartVault account owner requests documents, you will receive a link via email to click on, and you can then sign in and go directly to the Request Docs tab on the File Exchange page in SmartVault.
  • Once the account owner has sent you a request, they have the option to send you a reminder to finish uploading the request documents so they can begin working on your engagement.

Components of the Request Docs feature

The Request Docs feature has two components.

  • The Request Docs Modal - where you upload the requested documents.
  • The Requested Docs Tab - where you can visit all of the document requests sent to you.

Responding to Request Docs requests

  1. When your SmartVault account owner sent you a Request Docs request, you will receive an email with a link to upload the requested documents.


  2. Click the link on the email and sign in to SmartVault.
  3. From the Home page, click Request Docs on the Actions panel.


  4. You will land on the Requested Docs tab of the File Exchange page. 


  5. Click on the request to review the list of files requested and begin uploading them.


    • Click Upload a file to browse for the file or drag and drop it into the window.
    • If a request does not apply to your situation, enable the This does not apply checkbox.
    • If needed, you can leave a comment related to the specific document for the requestor.


  6. Once you have completed uploading the requested files, click the Submit button.



    You will not be able to click the Submit button unless you have uploaded a file for each request or marked the request as "This does not apply."

  7. After you click Submit, the Requested Docs page refreshes and the request appears as Submitted. At this point, your requestor is notified that you have completed the request.


  8. If you want to return to this page, click the link in the original request email or log in to and click on the Requested Docs link to continue.
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