Getting Started with SmartVault Request Docs - Your Guide as a Guest User

As a Guest User on SmartVault, there might be times when someone needs you to upload documents for them. With the "Request Docs" feature, this process is straightforward! You can upload documents, provide comments, and keep track of all your requests in one place.


    • As a guest user, your SmartVault account owner can request a list of documents for you to upload for specific types of engagements(e.g., tax, accounting services, or special projects).
    • The options to access the feature will appear only if document requests are sent to you.

Responding to Document Requests

Here is a quick overview of how the feature works:

  1. Getting Started: When someone asks for documents using the SmartVault "Request Docs" feature, you'll get an email. This email contains a link to upload the requested documents. All you need to do is open that email and click the link!
  2. Navigating to the Right Place: In SmartVault, select Requested Docs on the left-hand navigation bar or click the View & Respond to Requests button in the "Document Requests Pending" box. Note: These options will only appear if there are pending document requests.
    This action will take you to the "Requested Docs" page.
  3. Finding Your Document Requests: The "Requested Docs" page lists all the requests sent to you.
  4. Uploading Your Documents: Click on the request you want to handle first.
    You'll see the Upload a file button. Click on it to browse your computer for the file, or drag and drop it into the upload area.
  5. Extra Options: If the requester asks for a document that doesn't apply to you, you can select the box This does not apply.
    You can also leave a comment if there's something you think the requester should know.
  6. Finishing Up: Once you upload your files, click Submit.
    If there are any outstanding requests you can't submit yet, you'll need to upload the remaining files or select the This does not apply box.
  7. You're Done! After clicking Submit, the status of the document request will change to "Submitted." The person who requested the documents will be notified that you have completed the request. 


You can always return to the Request Docs page if you have more documents to upload later. Click the original request email link, log in to SmartVault, select Requested Docs on the left-hand navigation bar, or click the View & Respond to Requests button in the "Document Requests Pending" box. 

If you need more assistance, don't hesitate to contact our Support Team or check out our Help Center.

Accessing Completed Document Requests

As a Guest User, you can view archived document requests once they are marked as completed. This feature helps you keep track of past interactions and ensures you have access to historical documents if needed.

  1. Navigate to Document Requests:
    • Select Requested Docs in the left sidebar or click View Completed Documents in the "Document Requests" box.
      GV - Request Docs Main.png
    • If there is an active or pending request, click View & Respond to Requests.
      GV - Request Docs - Pending.png
  2. Show Completed Requests:
    • If there are pending requests, check the Show Completed box at the top of the page to see all your completed and archived requests.
      GV - Request Docs - All requests.png
    • If there are no pending requests, the Show Completed box is checked by default, and the page displays all completed and archived requests.

      GV - Request Docs - Show Completed.png
  3. Identifying Archived Requests: Archived requests appear at the bottom of the completed Requested Docs list, clearly marked with an "Archived" label for easy identification.
    RD - Archived Label.png
  4. Accessing Details: While you cannot modify archived requests, clicking on them will allow you to view the details and any associated submitted documents.


You can review previously submitted documents without affecting active or current requests. You can use this feature to keep track of your interactions and submissions within SmartVault.

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