June 2023 Release Notes

 Release Date: June 22, 2023

Introducing SmartRouting!

We are excited to introduce SmartRouting, a new feature for Thomson Reuters® UltraTax users. With SmartRouting, you can easily print your documents, which will automatically route them to the appropriate client folders in SmartVault. The feature eliminates time-consuming file management tasks and streamlines your workflow. Enjoy a more efficient and convenient experience with SmartRouting!

Visit our help center for a guide to Getting Started with SmartRouting.

What was updated?

Display of Complete Folder Path on the Activity Log Page

We have made improvements to the Activity Log page. If the file path is too long, it will be wrapped in the column so you can see the complete path in the results view. 

Option "Include Subfolders" for Activity Log at the Vault or Folder Level

We added the ability to choose "Include Subfolders" when running the vault and folder-level Activity Log. Selecting the option will provide data for all the subfolders within the current context.

Export Activity Log for more than 90 Days of Activity

We have changed the Activity Log filter, allowing users to select a date range of more than 90 activity days. The result set is exported to a CSV file and routed to the System Reports vault in the Firm Container. 

Archive option in Client Management based on user permission

The option to Archive clients in the Actions menu will show based on the user's role. The option will not appear for Assigned Employee or Firm Employee roles.

Message update to include a link to the Help article for SmartRouting Enablement

If users receive an error message indicating that SmartRouting is not enabled, they can access the SmartRouting help article by clicking the Help button on the Upload to SmartVault dialog.

Microsoft Plug-Ins label on the Settings page

The MS Outlook label on the Settings page is replaced with "Microsoft Plug-Ins" to support the additional plug-ins slated for future releases.

Merge Clients experience in the Connected Desktop

The Merge Clients experience is improved in the SmartVault Connected Desktop to allow the user to edit the clients' records if their names don't match. The new experience eliminates the need to go to the Portal to rename the clients.

Font size for Panels and Dialogs in the Connected Desktop

We added the ability to change the font size for panels and dialogs in the Connected Desktop. To change the font size, open the SmartVault Launchpad and click SmartVault User Settings; in the Preferences tab, click the Font Size dropdown and choose from Small, Medium, or Large—the default size is set to Medium.
Close the Connected Desktop and reopen it to see the changes.

What was fixed?

Merging Invited Client into Not Invited Client

You can now merge an invited client with a non-invited one on both the Connected Desktop and the Portal. 

Merge Clients Control

We have implemented controls to prevent merging clients with different types, such as Entity and Person clients.

Manage Folder Templates Validation

We have implemented additional validation to avoid creating duplicate folders in Manage Folder templates. This means that folders with similar names, such as WORKPAPERS and Workpapers, will be considered duplicates and prevented from being created.

Client Management - Client Phone Number Validation

We have updated the Edit Client modal to include phone number validation. This limits the maximum character count to 40 and allows for international country codes and the "+" symbol. Users can also include alpha characters to specify the type of phone number, such as Cell, Home, or Fax. Ex: 212-555-5555 (Cell).

Client Management - Preparer Field

The preparer field is corrected to display the employee's name accurately. We added a space after the comma following the last name.

PDF Preview on Mobile Devices

File previews now appear correctly on mobile devices.

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