Restoring a Client from the Recycle Bin

Client vaults go to the Recycle Bin when you delete them from SmartVault. You have 90 days to recover deleted clients from the recycle bin. SmartVault removes deleted files from your account after 90 days.


While it's possible to restore client vaults in SmartVault, please be aware of the following:

Although the restored vault will be visible in the corresponding location within the Clients container in the Files and Folders view, it will not automatically reappear under Client Management. To manage the restored vault in Client Management, you will need to create a new client and upload all documents and files into the newly created vault.

To restore a deleted client vault:

  1. Switch to the Dashboard view.
    • Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
    • Click the initials at the top right corner of the page, and then select Settings.
      Settings option.png
    • Under User Settings, click View Preferences.
      User settings - view preferences.png
    • In the View Type field, click to choose Dashboard on the dropdown menu.
      Settings - View settings Dashboard.png
    • Click Save Changes.
    • Click on your company logo to close the settings page.
  2. Access the Recycle Bin
    • In the Dashboard, select Files and Folders.
      Dashboard - Files and Folders.png
    • In Files and Folders, click the Container Properties icon Container properties icon.png at the account level.
      Dashboard - FF Container Properties.png
    • Select the Recycle Bin tab.
      Dashboard - Recycle Bin tab.png
  3. Locate and restore the client.
    • Select the checkbox next to the client you want to restore and click Restore.
      Dashboard - Recycle Bin Restore Client.png
    • Click OK to confirm.
    • You’ll find the restored client vault in the corresponding location within the Clients container in the Files and Folders view.
      FF - Restored client vault location.png
  4. Switch back to the Portal view
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