Grouping Fields in Fillable PDFs Using Docdown Editor

Organizing your fillable PDF forms is essential for both aesthetics and functionality. With the Group feature in the Docdown Editor, you can easily categorize fields based on specific characteristics, enhancing the user experience and ensuring the logical flow of information.

To group fields:

  1. Click Documents from the navigation sidebar.
  2. Select the document you want to edit to open it in the editor.
  3. In the Document Editor, click Group.
    DD - Form Group.png
  4. In Add a Field Group, enter a descriptive name for the group and click Add Group. This name will appear on the form as a header before the fields in that group.
    DD - Add group.png
  5. Once created, the group will be visible on the left pane.
    DD - New group left pane.png
  6. Select Fields on the right pane to view all available fields in the form. Click on the desired fields to add them to the group. 
    DD - Group select fields.png
  7. As fields are added, they populate under the group on the left pane.
    DD - Group fields selection.png
  8. To remove a field from the group, click the x next to it.
  9. To optimize the organization and flow, you can rearrange the group on the left pane by dragging it up or down.
  10. Click Save to finalize the changes.
  11. To simulate the recipient's view, select Form.
    DD - Groups Form Preview.png

Deleting a Group

To delete a group:

  1. In the Document Editor, click the group you want to delete and click the delete icon DD - Delete group icon.png next to it.
    DD - Remove group.png
  2. Click OK to confirm.


    When you delete a group, only its title will be removed. This action will not affect any fields; they will remain in the same order.

Tips for Effective Grouping

  • Keep it Logical - Group related fields or those the user would expect to see together.
  • Use Descriptive Names - This practice makes it easier to manage groups, especially when handling multiple grouped sections.
  • Test your Form - After grouping fields, preview the form to verify its appearance and functionality align with expectations.
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