August 2023 Release Notes

 Release Date: August 24, 2023

What's new?

Docdown: Form Library in Docdown

In this initial release, we focus on the needs of accounting firms specializing in tax. The Form Library is a curated collection of professionally designed form templates tailored for tax-related workflows. No more building from scratch; leverage these specialized templates to expedite your document creation process.
DD - Form Library+.png

While this launch emphasizes accounting and tax forms, expect our library to expand continuously, catering to various business and individual needs.

Docdown: Grouping in Docdown 

The Group feature allows you to create logical sections by grouping related fields on your fillable PDF, improving its visual appeal and functional flow. You can categorize fields based on specific characteristics and elevate your form organization.
DD - Group fields selection.png
DD - Groups Form Preview.png

What was updated?

Quoters: Search Functionality

  • Users can now search for proposals by email address, client or company name, and proposal name on the Quoters Dashboard. 
    QT - Filter.png
  • Ability to search by recipient’s name (contact name).
    QT - Search recipient name.png

Quoters: Proposal Tile Improvements

  • The proposal tile on the dashboard now includes Client ID and Type Qualifier details. Additionally, multiple recipients can be viewed through the mouseover tooltip.
    QT - Proposal tile new info.png
  • Archive proposal, Clone proposal, and Delete actions have been added to the More Actions menu (ellipses).
    QT - More actions menu.png

Quoters: Default Template for Accountants

Accountants now have a new default template called “Individual Tax Return Engagement Template” that aligns with their practice. 
QT - Choose template.png

What was fixed?

Quoters: New Placeholders for Templates

  • Client Organization - Created a new placeholder in templates for the Client Organization's business name, separate from the contact’s name.
    QT - Placeholder client organization.png
  • Tax Year - Created new placeholders in templates for the current, previous, and next tax years.
    QT - Placeholder tax year.png

Quoters: Upload Signature Feature

Now you can upload your signature to use on a proposal.

Quoters: Support for Special Characters in Recipient Email Addresses

Recipient email addresses with special characters are now properly formatted and automatically copied into the "To:" section.

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