October 2023 Release Notes

 Release Date: October 19, 2023

What's new?

CSV Export for Assigned Clients

The feature allows administrators to export a CSV file that lists client assignments for each employee. The CSV is generated as an offline task and is organized by employee ID. This feature gives administrators increased visibility into client assignments, streamlining their management tasks.

Key Highlights:

  • Automated CSV Upload: The generated CSV file is automatically uploaded to the System Reports vault in a designated subfolder named "Assigned Employee Export."
  • Email Notifications: All administrators on the account receive automated email notifications. These emails include a link to the generated CSV file, facilitating quick access to the data. The email provides an explanatory message if no CSV file is generated (typically when the employee has no assigned clients).

ME - Export Assigned Clients.png

File Renaming in the Portal

The new feature simplifies file renaming while ensuring the integrity of file extensions.

Key Highlights:

  • User-Friendly Renaming: In the Portal, when you rename a file, only the file name is auto-highlighted, preventing unintentional changes to the file extension.
  • Warning Prompt: If you remove or modify the file extension during the rename process, a warning message will appear. While this prompt discourages unintended changes, you still have the flexibility to proceed with the desired extension modification.

With these enhancements, SmartVault simplifies the file renaming process, reducing the risk of rendering files unopenable and making document management more efficient.

FF - Rename menu option.png

FF - Rename file highlight.png

Support for Intuit Lacerte TY23 Edition

SmartVault supports the Lacerte integration for the Tax Year 2023. 

Support for Intuit ProSeries TY23 Edition

SmartVault supports the ProSeries integration for the Tax Year 2023. 

Support for QuickBooks 2023 Editions

SmartVault supports the QuickBooks 2023 editions. 

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and Security Features

We are enhancing security and compliance capabilities by introducing new features to the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and access settings. Users can easily configure both options from the User Settings page in the Portal.

Configuring Enhanced Security Features:

Navigate to Settings > User Settings > Two-Factor Authentication Settings to access and configure the updated security options.

Settings - 2FA.png

  1. Connected Desktop Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
    Users can quickly turn 2FA on or off for their SmartVault Connected Desktop, providing an added layer of security. This feature is activated by default after the release for new users, while existing users can turn it on manually.
    CD - 2FA Settings.png
  2. Block Mapped Drive Access Option
    To further comply with various regulations, users can block access via the SmartVault Mapped Drive, which does not support 2FA.
    Settings - Block Mapped Drive option.png

What was updated?

Activity Log Enhancements

  • Activity Log Export User Tracking
    We've enhanced the Activity Log feature to allow tracking user requests for Activity Log exports. When a user requests an export of the Activity Log, a corresponding entry is recorded in the Activity Log itself.
    With this addition, you'll have a comprehensive view of user interactions with the Activity Log, improving your ability to monitor and audit system activity.
  • Activity Log Messaging
    This enhancement is to provide clearer messaging when no items are displayed. You'll receive a more informative message when the log is empty. 
    FF - Activity Log Empty msg.png

Help Button

We've enhanced the Help button in the portal. Clicking the Help icon "?" takes you directly to our SmartHub at https://www.smartvault.com/smarthub/. We've removed unnecessary dropdown options to streamline access to helpful resources. 
SV - SmartHub.png

Updated Office 365 Plugins Download Link in Launchpad

We've improved the download experience for Office 365 plugins in the Launchpad. When you click the link, it downloads the installation file. Previously, the link redirected users to a support article, where they had to download a ZIP file separately to install the plugin.
SV - Launchpad MS-Office plugins.png

What was fixed?

Multiple Activation Email

We've resolved an issue causing certain guest/client users and firm users invited to a SmartVault account to receive multiple activation emails. Now, affected users will receive just one activation email, ensuring a smoother onboarding experience. 

Access and Notifications Update

We have resolved an issue that prevented users from updating Access and Notifications settings for folders and vaults, particularly affecting customers with many users. This improvement ensures that admin users can effortlessly manage access and notifications, even for users with a single word name or no name at all.

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