Recreating a Client in SmartVault

You can recreate a client profile in SmartVault using existing resources. The process involves exporting existing client data, re-importing or creating the client in your tax software, and then moving any relevant files back into SmartVault.

Steps for Recreating a Client

To recreate a client profile in SmartVault:

  1. Export Existing Client Data:
    Export all necessary data for the client you wish to recreate. This step ensures you have a backup of all important files and documents.
  2. Recreate or Import the Client in Tax Software:
    Once you have safely exported and backed up the client's data, the next step is to recreate or import the client profile into your tax software. This step is crucial to ensure accurate tax information in SmartVault.
  3. Recreate Tax Engagements (if applicable):
    Recreating any tax engagement folders the client had before moving the exported files back into SmartVault is essential. This step ensures that when you restore the files, they are organized correctly and in line with the existing tax engagement structure.
  4. Restore Files to SmartVault:
    With the client profile and tax engagements recreated or imported into your tax software and synced with SmartVault, you can move any exported files back into the client's vault in SmartVault. This step completes the client recreation process.

Additional Tips

  • Ensure that all exported data is stored securely during this process.
  • Verify the client's details after re-importing them to avoid any discrepancies.
  • Contact our support team for assistance if you encounter any issues during this process.
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