Configuring UltraTax for SmartRouting

It is important to properly configure UltraTax to integrate with SmartRouting, ensuring optimal performance seamlessly.

Ensuring Correct Naming Convention in UltraTax

Before using the feature, ensure that the naming convention used in your UltraTax software aligns with the SmartRouting formula:

{Tax Year}_{Client ID}_{Client Name}_{Documenttype}

  Critical Requirement

To ensure seamless integration between UltraTax and SmartVault, the Client Name and Client ID must match exactly in both systems. This alignment is necessary for SmartRouting to identify and route documents correctly. Verify the Client Name and Client ID in UltraTax and ensure they precisely match the corresponding details in SmartVault before proceeding with the configuration steps.

To configure:

  1. In UltraTax, go to Setup > Office Configuration.
  2. Click the Print Options tab and select PDF File Options.
  3. Adjust the Variable Position to match the SmartRouting formula. For example, Tax Year should be in Position 1, Client ID in Position 2, Client Name in Position 3, and Document Name in Position 4.
    You can preview your settings using the File Name Example field and ensure they correspond with the SmartRouting formula.
  4. Before setting the formula, make an important check:
    • Click on the Document Names tab.
    • Verify the Use custom names for PDFs option is not selected. The document names must follow UltraTax's default naming convention for compatibility with SmartRouting.
  5. Click OK to set the formula.
Here's an animated guide illustrating the steps visually. If it appears too small, simply click the Expand icon KB - Expand icon.png in the bottom right corner to enlarge it.
Configuring UltraTax for SmartRouting.gif


    • A precise match between UltraTax's naming convention and SmartRouting's formula is critical for correct routing.
    • See all document types in the "Documenttype" Parameter Reference Table for the naming convention.
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