Managing and Viewing SmartRouting Printed Forms

After successfully using SmartRouting, you can access, review, and manage your printed forms within SmartVault for a streamlined workflow.

To access your printed forms in SmartVault:

  1. Open the SmartVault Portal: Go to the SmartVault portal and select Client Management from the sidebar.
  2. Locate the Client Vault: Find the client whose documents you need to access. Click the Vault icon vault_icon.png next to the client's name to open their vault.
  3. Navigate to the Tax Folder: In the client's vault, look for the "Tax" folder followed by the relevant tax year (e.g., Tax>TYXX).
  4. Access and Review Printed Forms: Within the Tax folder, you will see different subfolders corresponding to various document types like Client Organizer, Client Tax Returns, Tax Returns, etc. Open the folder corresponding to the document type you printed through SmartRouting. 
    All the forms you've printed through SmartRouting will be organized in these folders. From here, you can view and manage these documents as needed.
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