January 2024 Release Notes

 Release Date: January 30, 2024

What's new?

KBAs for SmartVault eSignature Included in Accounting Unlimited Plan

We've introduced a new feature set in our Accounting Unlimited plan, designed to meet the diverse needs of modern accounting practices. This comprehensive plan now includes:

  • Unlimited eSignatures: Streamline your workflow with unlimited electronic signatures, simplifying the process of digital document signing.
  • Unlimited Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) eSignatures: Enhance the security and IRS compliance of your eSignatures, especially for documents submitted to the IRS.
  • Access to Quoters and Docdown: These additional tools are now part of the package, offering more flexibility and efficiency in document management and client interactions.
    Explore the full range of features available in the Accounting Unlimited plan.

Explore the full range of features available in the Accounting Unlimited plan.

What was updated?

Enhanced Mapped Drive Diagnostic Tool to Support Continued Use After Microsoft's Basic Authentication Sunset

We have updated the Mapped Drive Diagnostic Tool to allow Windows users to continue using the Mapped Drive after Microsoft's Basic Authentication sunset.

Guest View - Improved "Upload Documents" Page

In our continued effort to enhance the SmartVault experience, we've updated the "Upload Documents" page in the Guest View. The new enhancements reflect the valuable insights and suggestions we've received from our customers. 
GV - All available upload folders+.png

Key Improvements:

  • Streamlined Access - The page now defaults to display only the most recent upload folder years. This change makes it easier for guests to quickly locate and upload documents to the current year's folder.
  • Reduced Errors - This enhancement minimizes the chance of guests accidentally uploading documents to outdated folders, thus improving data organization and accuracy.
  • Year Column - A new column clearly shows the year for each upload folder, providing guests with immediate clarity about the year to which they are uploading documents.
  • Vault Identification - The name of the vault to which each folder belongs is now displayed directly beneath the upload folder. This change lets guests quickly verify that they are adding documents to the correct vault.
  • Mobile-Optimized Interface -The page has been optimized for mobile devices, ensuring text visibility is maintained, and the layout fits perfectly on smaller screens.

Activity Log Updates

  • Filters Button - As part of our ongoing efforts to provide a more seamless user experience, we have changed the color of the Activity Log Filters button from blue to white. This update aligns the color scheme with other buttons on the SmartVault platform, creating a more visually consistent and intuitive interface.
    Activity Log Filter Button.png
  • Export for Dates Beyond 90 Days - We've introduced an updated modal for exporting the Activity Log when requesting data for periods extending beyond 90 days. This improvement prompts the user to export the data to a CSV file, ensuring better data management and accessibility for historical information.
    Activity Log - Export Modal.png

Entity Client Information Update for Imports from ProSeries, Lacerte, or CSV

This update enhances the process of importing entity clients from ProSeries, Lacerte, or CSV files into SmartVault. If the imported entity clients do not have email or phone number details, SmartVault will automatically create empty fields for these. This improvement allows users to easily add or update these contact details after the import, streamlining client data management within SmartVault. 

Refreshed Browser Favicon for Enhanced Brand Consistency

We've refreshed the SmartVault browser tab icon to align with our current branding. The new icon is visible across all SmartVault portal pages and consistent across all supported web browsers. 
SV - Browser Favicon.png

What was fixed?

Guest View - Embedded Video in Help Tile

To further enhance our customer experience, we've integrated new embedded video technology within the help tile of the Guest View. This fix provides guests immediate access to a helpful tutorial, making navigating and utilizing our platform's features easier. 

Files and Folders View Fixes

  • Delete from Details Pane - We have improved the user experience in the Files and Folders view by ensuring that the Delete function in the Details pane is now operating correctly. This update addresses and resolves the previous issue with the button not working.
  • Enhanced Visibility of "Last Modified Date" - We've resolved a usability issue in the SmartVault portal's Files and Folders view. Before, the Last Modified Date column header would not appear if the folder on display only contained files. Users can now consistently see and sort by the "Last Modified Date" for all items, enhancing file management efficiency.

Improved Contact Management When Printing from Lacerte and ProSeries to SmartVault

We've addressed a bug where printing tax returns for married clients from Lacerte and ProSeries to SmartVault created a duplicate contact for the spouse. With this fix, SmartVault now ensures that only one unique contact card is created for the spouse, regardless of whether the Taxpayer and Spouse share the same or different last names.

Important Notes:

  • This fix will be applied to all new client vaults created moving forward.
  • This update will not automatically resolve the issue for existing client vaults with duplicate contacts (commonly called a "double head"). These vaults will continue to display double heads until manually cleaned up on the client details page by the user.
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