Integrating Lacerte and ProSeries with SmartVault in Rightworks

You can integrate Lacerte or ProSeries with SmartVault within Rightworks. The integration allows SmartVault to appear as a print destination in your Intuit product, ensuring efficient management of your tax documents. 

  Important Prerequisites and Compatibility

Getting Started

The integration process is easy and ensures that your tax applications synchronize seamlessly with SmartVault, allowing you to maintain efficient workflows and secure document handling.

To integrate Lacerte or ProSeries:

  1. Access SmartVault in RightWorks:
    • Log into SmartVault within the RightWorks environment and open the SmartVault Launchpad.
  2. Navigate to User Settings:
    • In the Launchpad, access the SmartVault User Settings and then click the Extensions tab. You will see a list of tax applications available for integration.
      SV - Launchpad User Settings.png
      SV - Launchpad User Settings Extensions tab.png
  3. Enable the Integration:
    • Select the specific year of Lacerte or ProSeries you need to integrate with SmartVault and click OK.
    • A prompt to grant SmartVault access to the selected tax application will appear. Click Grant to proceed with the integration.

      Lacerte ProSeries
      Lacerte Access confirmation window with grant button highlighed. See information above. ProSeries confirmation window with grant button highlighed. See information above.
  4. Finalizing Integration:
    • After granting access, SmartVault will synchronize with your selected tax application. When you open the Lacerte or ProSeries print window, you will see SmartVault listed as a print destination.
      WDC - Lacerte Print to SV.png
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