February 2024 Release Notes

 Release Date: March 26, 2024

What's new?

Shared Access for Enhanced Collaboration in Docdown

We're excited to introduce Shared Access, a new functionality significantly boosting team collaboration within Docdown. This addition enables SmartVault users to seamlessly invite team members to a unified Docdown environment, allowing collective management and collaboration on forms and documents.

With Shared Access, every invited user has equal access to documents, workflows, and content, regardless of their login status. As a result, you can streamline managing forms for your firm, improving efficiency and teamwork. 

What was updated?

Quoters: Placeholders for Contact Names

The {{contact_name}} placeholder is now {{contact_first_name}}, clearly indicating it refers to the contact's first name, aligning it with the rest of our placeholders and matching SmartVault's first name values accurately. This change applies to existing templates and new proposals that are not based on a template. 

Docdown: Reconnection Feature for Docdown Add-on

SmartVault now enables users to reverify and reconnect their existing Docdown accounts after revoking access, ensuring uninterrupted access to essential add-ons.

Key Improvements:

  • SmartVault admins can now initiate the reconnection process.
  • The reconnection ensures linkage to the same Docdown account, maintaining consistency and avoiding the creation of duplicate accounts.
  • This feature is accessible via the "My Apps" settings page in SmartVault.

Email Address Modification Restrictions

To maintain consistency and security within the Docdown add-on and SmartVault login credentials, we've restricted editing the user's email address field. This measure ensures that your login credentials remain permanent and aligned with SmartVault's login behavior, reducing the risk of access issues. 

What was fixed?

Quoters: Naming Convention for Custom Placeholders

Previously, custom placeholders could be named with a single character (e.g., "a" or "4"), leading to errors when users attempted to preview proposals containing these placeholders.

Now, custom placeholders must have at least three characters in their names. This update includes field validation to enforce this new requirement and ensure placeholders are descriptive enough for easy identification and use. 

Quoters: Proposals Sorting

The previous ordering was based on date, version number, and time, confusing users. The proposals are sorted by their creation date and time, eliminating the version number from the sorting criteria. This change ensures users can quickly locate their most recent work, providing a more intuitive navigation experience.

Quoters: Prospective Clients Contact Limit

Users encountered a discrepancy where the interface allowed adding one primary contact and 19 other contacts. However, attempting to send the proposal triggered an error stating up to 20 contacts are permitted. This issue has been corrected to allow the inclusion of a primary contact plus 19 additional contacts, totaling the allowed 20 contacts without errors. Now, when the maximum number of contacts (20) is reached, users will receive improved messaging, clarifying the limit.

Docdown: Workflow Editor for Online Form Fields

We've made improvements to the workflow editor to fix an issue where, while typing in the text area fields, the text cursor did not move along with the text, causing the text to appear spelled backward. The text cursor now correctly moves along with the text, ensuring that any plain text added is readable and appears in the correct order.

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