Archiving and Restoring Request Docs

SmartVault's Archiving and Restoring functionalities enhance your document management process by allowing you to manage the lifecycle of your Request Docs efficiently. By archiving completed requests and restoring them as needed, you maintain a clean dashboard and ensure important documents are always at hand for reference or compliance checks.

  Necessary: Permissions for Archiving and Restoring

    • Only Admin and Account Employee users can archive and restore Request Docs.
    • Firm Managers and Firm Employees can also archive and restore Request Docs for the clients to which they have access.

Archiving Completed Request Docs

Archive completed Request Docs to reduce clutter and enhance navigability, making it easier to focus on active requests.

To archive a completed Request Doc:

  1. Click Request Docs in the navigation sidebar.
  2. Find the completed Request Doc, click Actions Actions icon.png, and select Archive.
    RD - Archive Request.png
  3. The Request Doc will then move to the archived section.

Restoring Archived Request Docs

Quickly restore archived Request Docs for audits, reviews, or when additional work is required, ensuring no valuable information is lost.

To restore archived Request Docs:

  1. Click Request Docs in the navigation sidebar and click View Archived.
    RD - View Archived button.png
  2. Choose the Request Doc(s) to restore by checking their boxes, then click Restore Request Docs.
    RD - Restore Archived Requests.png
  3. These requests will reappear in your active list, ready for any further actions.
  4. Click Home in the navigation sidebar to go back to the Portal.


Regularly reviewing and archiving completed requests is a good practice to optimize your workflow.

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