Resolving the SmartVault Client Updater Issue

This article will explain the steps on how to update SmartVault when you are getting a SmartVault Client Updater window that says "The following applications need to close before updating." This message means that there are programs running in the background that are still utilizing SmartVault which needs to be closed in order for the update to run. Follow the steps below to help you resolve this issue when you are attempting to update SmartVault.


  1. The first thing you will see pop up is a window that has SmartVault Client Updater as shown in the screenshot below. There may be more than one item listed under the ID's, User, and Application box which step 2 will cover.

  2. You can only End Process on one item at a time so if you have multiple items listed, click on one at a time and end each process one at a time. If there is only one listed, click on the process to highlight as shown below. This will allow you to select the process and it also allows you the ability to click on the End Process button.


You may encounter a process that gives you an error that says "Access Denied". If you are receiving this error, please contact our Support team for further assistance.

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