SmartVault User Settings within the Launchpad

The User Settings dialog lets you configure your preferences for the SmartVault Connected Desktop. You can also use this feature to manage your scanners, backups, confirmations, engagements, extensions, and advanced user options.

Accessing the User Settings 

To access User Settings within the SmartVault Launchpad:

  1. Open the SmartVault Launchpad on your computer.


    Installing the SmartVault Connected Desktop automatically creates a SmartVault Launchpad shortcut on your desktop.

  2. Click SmartVault User Settings.



The Preferences tab lets you select if you want SmartVault automatically sign you in when you open the Connected Desktop app and customize the toolbar's background color.


If you use the default setting for the toolbar, it will match your current Windows theme.


The Scanners tab lets you configure the type of scanner you want to use for your SmartVault scanning, such as how SmartVault should capture the image file. In the Settings window, you can choose your default scanner, Resolution (dpi), and Image type (Grayscale, Black and White, or Color). In the Options section, you can select:

  • Auto-Adjust image brightness
  • Auto-select feeder when ready
  • Enable duplex scanning
  • Enable use of document feeder
  • Show the native status window (third-party scanner software)
  • Show the native scanning windows (third-party scanner software)
  • Invert black & white images

You can also click the Advanced button to manage the default settings of your scanner driver. Leave these settings alone unless you are experiencing an issue not solved by selecting the different checkboxes under the Options section of the Scanners tab.


These preferences are only for TWAIN-compliant scanners. The Fujitsu ScanSnap and Canon CaptureOnTouch settings are not available in this window.


The Backups tab lets you schedule automatic backups of your important company data. For each company file, you can control whether or not to create a company backup after closing the company file a specified number of times.


The Confirmations tab lets you automate creating backups and accept and upload documents without prompting the user. These settings improve the workflow and save time by disabling a backup reminder and not choosing to click Accept each time you attach a document.


The Engagements tab lets you select the type of engagements that will be available to choose from in the account.


The Extensions tab lets you select the products that SmartVault integrates with or import data from:

  • Intuit ProSeries
  • Intuit Lacerte
  • Intuit DMS
  • .CSV files


The types of product extensions may vary depending o your SmartVault plan.


Various advanced user options to improve the Launchpad's performance and stability.


We recommend calling SmartVault Customer Support before changing the Advanced tab settings.

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