Lacerte / ProSeries printing clients as "Individual" Client

This article will explain how to resolve the issue with Lacerte or ProSeries printing a duplicate blank client when printing a tax return.


When printing from Lacerte or ProSeries, SmartVault expects various pieces of information, such as Tax Type (Individua, S-Corp, Partnership, etc.), Client Name, and Client ID. However, in this case, Lacerte and ProSeries fail to provide the client name to SmartVault, so SmartVault cannot produce a client with its name and, therefore, uses the information given, which is Tax Type and Client ID. SmartVault support has escalated this issue to Intuit and is working with them to find the root cause of this problem and hopefully solve it once and for all.

In the meantime, we have provided a workaround below.


  1. Update to the latest release of Lacerte or ProSeries software.
  2. Exit the SmartVault Desktop software by locating the arrow pointing upward on the bottom right of your screen close to the time and date (see screenshot below). Right-Click and choose Exit to close out of SmartVault completely.
  3. Open the Connected Desktop
  4. Search for the Individual Client that printed to SmartVault in the Connected Desktop.
    - Right-click and Delete the client entirely one by one if there are multiple clients.
  5. Now, Re-Print the client from LaCerte or ProSeries to SmartVault as you usually would.

Last Resort Option

If the behavior persists for the same client, we recommend using the SmartVault Data Import Tool to import the clients.

Import Clients from Lacerte or ProSeries Using the Import Data Tool


Intuit provided these instructions on how to resolve this issue. Please contact our support team for further assistance through LiveChat, email, or phone support.

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