Command Line Installation for Hosting Partners


The SmartVault for Windows Desktop Client software (also known as the "SmartVault client" or "WDC") can be installed using command-line options. These options allow SmartVault Hosting partners to modify the installation behavior of the SmartVault Desktop software.

If you are a SmartVault Hosting partner, please review the following information before using the SmartVault Desktop software command-line options.

Before you Begin

Before running the SmartVault Desktop software installer in silent mode, review all command-line options to ensure the installer will use the settings you want. Some command-line options are targeted for usage by specific partner types.

  • If you run the install file without reviewing/editing the command-line options, any pre-existing settings may be replaced.
  • If you need to change settings specified during installation, you can reinstall to change the settings, or in some cases, directly change the settings by editing registry values.
  • If you have questions about the command-line installation, please contact SmartVault Support.