Creating a Folder in the SmartVault Portal


A folder is a container in which you store your documents. Once you give someone access to it, they get access to all of the folders within it, unless you explicitly take away their access to the subfolder.

Creating a Folder

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Select Files and Folder and click on Firm.
  3. In the right task pane, click Create New Folder.
  4. In the Folder Name field, type a name for the folder.
  5. To share the folder with other users, check Edit access and notification settings when folder is created.
  6. Click Create Folder.
  7. After you create a folder, you can perform the following tasks:


  • Though you can create folders using this method, if you are using SmartVault for tax accounting products, you won't create your clients' folders this way. Your clients' folders are created through folder templates. If you're trying to create a folder for a client, you can print a tax return from Lacerte or ProSeries to SmartVault, or add a client using the SmartVault Portal. If you're trying to add a folder to all of your clients' folder structures, add that folder to your client's folder template. If you're setting up your SmartVault account for tax accounting for the first time, see our getting started guide.
  • If you chose to edit access and notification settings when you created the folder, SmartVault creates the folder and then displays the Share & Manage Access dialog box. Review and edit access and notification settings and share a folder with other users as appropriate.
  • Before you start creating many folders, review our Best Practices for Vault and Folders Structure.
  • Only account administrators, tax employees, and vault managers can create folders.
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