Sending Organizers in Bulk from the SmartVault Dashboard


Now you can send Organizers in bulk right from the SmartVault Dashboard. At the same time, you can view the different states in which the client organizers are. You can get to see a summarized report view of the Client Organizers.

Sending Organizers in Bulk

1. Access the SmartVault Dashboard.

2. Select Send to Clients from the Dashboard account menu.

3. The following page appears.

The boxes at the top display various states of the organizers.


1. Print - Shows how many organizers have been printed to Smartvault.

2. Sent - The number of organizers that have been sent to the client are displayed here.

3. Downloaded - Out of those sent, how many have been actually downloaded by clients at their end.

4. Reminder Sent - If you have sent something but it has not been downloaded by the client, there is an ability to send reminders too. This box displays the number of reminders sent to the client.

5. Ready to Prepare - Lastly, you also get the ability to mark them as Ready to Prepare once you know that the taxes are organized and ready to be prepared. Select client(s) by putting a check in front of each client's row and click Mark as Ready to Prepare at the top. Once you mark, the count in the box will automatically increase.

Additional Features

  • Filter views - You can filter various views whether you want to see individual clients or corporate etc. This can be done by clicking on the top right link. You can also choose the tax year from the next drop-down.
  • Filter results - You can filter out the clients on the basis of any of the statuses (For eg. filter by organizers sent to client). This can be done by clicking on the box which brings up the filter icon so that you can identify the criteria and the results filter accordingly. Clicking again takes the filter off.
  • Progress Bar - Along with the numbers you can view the Progress bar as well which indicates the status visually.

Sending Organizers

1. Click Send Organizers.

2. Check each client you'd like to send an Organizer to.

3. Click Send Organizer Email.

4. Click OK.

A confirmation message appears indicating the Organizers have been sent. Click Close to continue.

As soon as you send an organizer email, the count in the Sent box would increase. Also, the state of the column Sent to client will change from No to Yes.

If you want to edit the text of the email your client receives, learn how to customize email templates.