Sending the Organizer to Your Clients


Before you begin, check to see if you have uploaded the Client Copy and the Government Copy of the return.

Sending the Organizer

1. Click Send To Clients.

2. Click Send Organizer.

3. You should see the next window like the screenshot below. Enable the checkboxes for the client(s) you want to send the Organizer to.
Note: Notice the column that says "Printed to SmartVault". Make sure it says Yes in order to send the Organizer.

4. Click on the mail icon once you have selected the client(s) you want to send the organizer to.

5. Click OK, and it will display that it has been submitted and you may click Close.


You may encounter this error below. To resolve this issue, make sure you have the Organizer already printed to SmartVault.