Re-inviting Clients with Pending Account Activations in the SmartVault Portal


You might need to send an additional invitation to your clients who have yet to activate their accounts. You can filter your client list in the SmartVault Portal to only show those clients who have yet to activate their accounts. Then, you can select all of these clients or select any number of these clients individually, and you can send a duplicate invitation.

Re-inviting Clients

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Select Clients.
  3. Click the Invited filter box to see a list of clients with pending invitations.
  4. Your client list is filtered and shows only those clients who have previously been invited but have not yet activated their accounts.


  5. Select all clients in the list by enabling the checkbox icon on the header.


    To select specific clients, enable the checkbox icon on each specific client.

  6. When done selecting, click the Invite Client icon.
  7. Click OK to confirm sending the invite to the selected clients.
  8. When SmartVault finishes sending your invitations, the status column changes to Submitted. Click Close.
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