Re-inviting Clients with Pending Account Activations in the SmartVault Portal

Occasionally, clients may miss initial invitations to join your SmartVault account. In the SmartVault Portal, you can filter your client list to display only those who still need to activate their accounts and resend the invitations to ensure every client gets onboarded.

To re-invite clients to your SmartVault account:

  1. In SmartVault Home, select Client Management from the navigation sidebar.
    CM - Left pane+.png
  2. In Client Management, sort your client list using the INVITED filter.
    CM - Invited filter.png
  3. To select all clients displayed on the page, check the header box. To select specific clients, check the boxes beside their names.
    CM - Header box select.png
  4. Click Actions  next to Add Client and select Invite Clients.
    CM - Actions button Invited.png
    CM - Invite all clients.png
  5. Sending Client Invites shows a list of the client(s) you invited and the status of your invites.
    CM - Invited clients status.png
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