Using the Improved Search in the SmartVault Dashboard


SmartVault searches for the search string in the document title, document description, and document content. The displayed rankings are based on the number of occurrences the search string is found and the position of the search string in the document, where an occurrence of the string in the document title earns the heaviest weighting in the ranking system. Also, a smaller document with three occurrences of the search string will weigh more heavily than a much larger document with 10 occurrences.

You can search for documents uploaded into vaults and folders in the SmartVault Portal by searching using the following items:


Do not use the leading period when searching by file type or extension

  • By document name
  • By one or more words in the document name
  • By file extension, such as doc, jpg, or pdf
  • By one or more words in the document Description field

Using the Search Functionality

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Select the object in which you want to search—search an account, vault, or folder.
  3. In the Search field, type your search terms and then click Search.


SmartVault displays a list of results for your search based on the number of times it finds the search term from 100% to 0% in the name, description, or text content.

  • To refine your search results, get closer to the vault or folder level instead of searching from the Account level. Search for document extensions (without the leading period), document names or parts of document names, descriptions, or contents, but not folder names.
  • Refine your search by including a folder name. For example, if you know that all employee W2's are located in the Employee W2 folder, include the folder name in the search. Searching for Davy Crockett* Employee W2 returns a better result.
  • Enhance searches by using wildcards – ? and *. Remember that a search string needs to be at least 3 characters long before adding a wildcard, and the search does not return if the wildcards are leading the string. Put all dates in quotes.
  • Use AND or OR to combine terms.

The contents of MS Office files are mostly searchable, except for JPEGs.

PDF content is only searchable if:


JPEGs are not searchable using OCR.

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