Deleting a Folder from a Folder Template

SmartVault uses folder templates to create folders in your account. Folder templates only apply to those folders that are automatically created for actions such as adding a client, creating a new engagement, or adding an employee. You can delete a folder so that all folders created from that folder template will no longer include that folder.

For this example, we'll delete a folder from the Tax Engagement folder template. The folder we'll delete is the Client Organizer folder.

Note: Deleting a folder from a template may leave some of your printed documents from Lacerte or ProSeries without a folder in SmartVault to automatically be placed in. Be sure to check the documents stored in the folder before deleting the folder. See this article for steps on changing the folders where documents are stored in your SmartVault account.

Deleting a Folder

1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.

2. Click Manage Folder Templates.

3. You have several templates by default. For this example, we're editing the template that creates tax engagements. Click on View and edit templates for the Tax Engagement template.

4. The template displays the folders that SmartVault uses when you create a tax engagement for a client. Before we delete this folder, we need to check if SmartVault routes any documents from Lacerte or ProSeries to this folder. Click on the gear icon next to the folder that you want to delete and select Edit folder.

5. For our example, we've selected the Client Organizer folder. Check for documents sent from Lacerte or ProSeries under Documents stored in this folder. Since this folder doesn't have any documents here, it's safe to delete. If there are documents automatically stored here from Lacerte or ProSeries, we should transfer that setting to a different folder. See these steps on changing which documents are stored in a folder.

6. Click Cancel changes.

7. Click on the gear icon next to the folder that you want to delete and select Remove folder.

8. Click OK.

9. Click Save changes.

10. Enter a description of the change you made. Check the Apply now box if you'd like SmartVault to make the changes to your folders immediately. Click OK.

Note: If you choose to apply your changes later instead, click Apply template here when you're ready to make your changes across your account.

11. After some time, all of the tax engagement folders for all your clients will update to reflect the changes you made.