Adding Users or Employees to SmartVault and Client Vaults


You can add employee users in the SmartVault Dashboard by giving the employees access to the vaults you want them to see. Each vault and folder that is created on SmartVault will require permissions for other users to see the vaults and folders unless they are also set up as an administrator. The administrator can see anything on the account and does not have the ability to hide any folder or vault from other administrators. Follow the steps below on how to add one or multiple employees to the SmartVault account.

Adding Users or Employees to SmartVault

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Dashboard.
  2. Click on the initials in the top right corner to change the Account Settings of your SmartVault account.
  3. Click Billing to make sure you have enough users to add to the account. You can see how many users are being used on your account under the Current Plan and Usage section.
  4. You can add additional users under the Update Plan section on this page. Under User, add a 1 if it is currently at 0 or add another user to the number you already have set in place.


    If you see a 1 and need 3 more users, change it to a 4.

  5. Click Save to add your new user(s).


    Now that we have users available, we can begin to add the permissions to the vault level and the folder levels that we want the employees to see. Each vault will need to have to be adjusted for the employee to see.

  6. Click on the vault that you are going to add access to. Refer to the green number 1 in the screenshot below the next step.
  7. Click on the Container Properties gear icon shown as number 2 below.
  8. Click on the Access and Notifications tab.
  9. Click Edit Access Settings.
  10. Click Add User.
  11. Under the User Information section, select the license type as User.
  12. Fill out the Email Address, First Name, and Last Name fields. The Personal Message is optional and is not required.
  13. Select the access you want to grant on the vault level such as Read, Write, Create, or Delete.
  14. The Notification Settings are also optional and are not required. Select download or upload if you would like to apply the notification setting.
  15. Click Add to add the new user and navigate to the Apply changes to the section under the access table.
  16. Select one of the 3 options below and click Save Settings.
  17. The invitation email has already been sent now to the user's email address where they can retrieve the email to activate their user license via the email.


    This only granted them access to one vault. If you have multiple vaults this user needs to access, you will need to repeat steps 6 and do the following steps for each Vault and Folder you want the employee/user to be able to access.