Adding the Same Email to Multiple Client Vaults

You can invite a client with the same email address to view multiple client vaults from the Client Dashboard. Often this is useful when you prepare a client's personal taxes, as well as when you prepare taxes for a business owned by that client. Using this method, you can utilize the same email address for the client in both

Adding the Same Email to Multiple Vaults

1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.

2. Right-click on your account and select View Dashboard.

3. Click Clients.

4. Find the client records in your client list that need the same email address.

5. If any of the client records don't exist in your client list yet, you can import clients from Lacerte or ProSeries, or manually add a new client in the SmartVault Portal.

6. Verify that each client record has the same email address. You can add additional email addresses as well, but to grant the same client access to two or more vaults, each client record must contain that client's email address.

7. If you need to change the email address in the client record, see this article. If you need to add the email address to the client record, see this article.

8. Select each client record and click Invite Client.

9. You are prompted to confirm that you want to invite clients. Click OK.

10. When SmartVault finishes sending your invitations, the status column changes to Submitted. Click Close.

Your client will now have access to all the client vaults to which you just invited them.