Giving Access to Multiple Vaults to a Client

If you need to invite a client to view multiple client vaults, you can easily do so in SmartVault. This method is beneficial when you prepare personal taxes and taxes for a business owned by the same client.

To give access to multiple vaults to a client:

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Select Client Management from the navigation sidebar.


  3. Locate the client vaults you want to share with your client and verify that each client has the same email address. 


  4. Select each client vault you want to share, click Actions next to Add Client in your Clients list, and select Invite Clients.



  5. Sending Client Invites shows a list of the client(s) you invited and the status of your invites.


  6. Once you've invited your client, they will receive an email invitation to access the shared vaults. Your client will now have access to all the client vaults you just invited them to.


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