Scanning a Document Using the Connected Desktop and a TWAIN-Compliant Scanner

You can use the Connected Desktop to scan documents, work with those documents, and store those documents in SmartVault.

  1. Select the folder to store the scanned document within a client vault in the Document View pane. Right-click and select Scan.


    Alternatively, you can select the folder and click Scan on the Document View toolbar as well.

  2. The Scan Document window opens. Select your scanner from the drop-down list.
  3. Click on the Scan icon.
  4. Follow the prompts for your scanner to scan the document.
  5. The scan appears in the Scan Document window. You can edit this document in this window.


    See Editing PDFs in Connected Desktop for all the editing capabilities available to you.

  6. Under Name, provide a name for the file to be saved under.
  7. Add an optional description to aid in searching for the file in the Connected Desktop.
  8. You can continue scanning more documents by repeating the steps above. New scans append to the end of the document. You can then reorder the pages by dragging and dropping.


    See Editing PDFs in Connected Desktop for more options available to you. Additionally, you can drag and drop existing files within the Scan Document window.


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