Using the Client List Pane


The Client List pane organizes all of your clients in one place. When you click a client in the Client List, the client's files and folders display in the Document View pane.

The Client List pane displays a list of your clients and their associated Client ID and Tax Type if the client was imported from Lacerte or ProSeries.

Some examples of Tax Type are:

  • Benefit
  • Corporate
  • Estate
  • Exempt
  • Individual
  • Partnership

The Search Bar uses these columns to search your Client List to find and display a client quickly.

Click on a client in the Client List to display that client's files and folders in the Client View pane.


Click on a client to display that client's name at the top of the Document View pane. You can work with that client's files and folders in the Document View pane.

You can add a new tax engagement from the Client List for clients with an imported Client ID from Lacerte or ProSeries. If you manually create a client in the client portal, or if a client does not have a Client ID for any reason, you cannot select the New Engagement option.

Select a year for the new tax engagement to create a new folder structure for the year you choose. Using your folder template settings, Connected Desktop generates the new folders for TY14 since this example used 2014 as the new engagement year.

You can export one or more of your clients' data to your computer for local backup or for working on files offline. 

Click Export Data to open the Export Data window.

The Export Data window allows you to export one or more of your clients to your computer or a USB hard drive. The export process copies the exact folder structure and files for a client (or multiple clients) from SmartVault to the destination you choose.

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