Using the Mapped Drive Diagnostic Tool


The SmartVault Drive comes with a built-in diagnostic tool to ensure it is confirmed to work optimally. If SmartVault detects your Drive settings are not optimal, it will display an error and a button that says "correct" next time you attempt to map your SmartVault Drive.

Using The Diagnostic Tool

If you are not sure your settings are correct, disconnect the SmartVault Drive by right-clicking on the system tray icon, choosing Disconnect, then right-clicking again and choosing Map SmartVault Drive.

  1. Click Correct. The following screen will display several settings, with their Status. If your settings are optimal, the Status for all should read OK.
  2. Check each box available unless you have a reason unrelated to SmartVault not to change these settings. All boxes are selected by default.
  3. Click OK.

Your drive settings should now be optimal. Proceed to assign a drive letter, input your email and password, and connect your drive.

If you ran this diagnostic to correct an error message, and you are still receiving this message, then reset your system and map your drive again.

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