Resolving the SmartVault Toolbar for QuickBooks Desktop Toolbar is Missing Issue


There are a few reasons why the SmartVault Toolbar is missing when you open your company file in your QuickBooks desktop application.

Here are some symptoms that you may be experiencing.

  1. You are receiving the following error "The QuickBooks SDK has failed to register the SmartVault user interface extension."
  2. I don't see an error, but the SmartVault toolbar is just not displaying.
  3. It was showing before but is no longer there.

    This problem most often occurs when you perform the following actions:

    • When you first accept the SmartVault certificate, you did not choose to allow SmartVault to login in automatically to QuickBooks.
    • When you first install SmartVault, and the application does not register properly with QuickBooks.
    • When SmartVault is installed, the User Account Controls (UAC) are set to med-high or high.
    • You've recently updated your QuickBooks application, which may have changed the SmartVault registration or integration.
    • QuickBooks is running in the background even after you close the company file since you last signed into SmartVault.

Resolving This Error

Our support team recommends the following steps to get the SmartVault toolbar back, in this order. Let's check a few things first.

  1. Verify that the scaling option Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays is enabled.
  2. Verify QuickBooks is integrated with SmartVault, correct if needed.
  3. Check if QuickBooks is running in the background and disable if needed for 2011 and later versions of QuickBooks.
  4. Manually run the Fix QuickBooks Registration utility in the SmartVault system tray.


    You must be a local administrator and ensure that if you're on a hosted or shared server, all other SmartVault users are not connected.

  5. Register the QuickBooks dlls by running the reboot.bat utility in QuickBooks.
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