Resolving the "QuickBooks SDK has Failed to Register the SmartVault User Interface Extension" Error


You may receive this error:

Error: The QuickBooks SDK has failed to register the SmartVault user interface extension.​

This issue occurs when there is a communication problem, or more technically, a registration problem between SmartVault and QuickBooks. For SmartVault and QuickBooks to communicate, QuickBooks requires that SmartVault write a specific file to the ProgramFiles > IntuitQB > Version > Components > RegisteredUI folder on your computer. However, this error indicates that SmartVault cannot write this file to the folder because SmartVault does not have write permissions for this folder.

You may experience some or all of these symptoms:

  • SmartVault Toolbar is not active (grayed out) when a QuickBooks entry is selected.
  • SmartVault Toolbar displays only on the Home, Reports, and Snapshot pages in QuickBooks.
  • SmartVault is not listed on the Company menu in QuickBooks.
  • SmartVault Toolbar does not display in QuickBooks after installing the SmartVault Desktop software and adding a QuickBooks company file to SmartVault.
  • SmartVault Toolbar doesn’t do anything when you click Sign in on the SmartVault Toolbar.

This problem most often occurs when you perform the following actions:

  • You install SmartVault on a Windows 7 computer where QuickBooks 2011 is installed, and User Account Controls (UAC) are set to med-high or high.
  • You install SmartVault on a Windows Vista computer where QuickBooks 2011 is installed, and UAC is enabled.
  • You have upgraded an existing installation of QuickBooks with SmartVault to the latest QuickBooks version in a different directory on a Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 computer.
  • You have updated the QuickBooks SDK as a result of a QuickBooks update on a Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 computer.

Resolving This Error

  1. Close QuickBooks.
  2. Open the Windows Task Manager on your computer (Ctrl+Alt+Del), and then on the Processes tab, verify that QBW32.exe is no longer running. If it is running, select it and then click End Process.
  3. Run the Fix QuickBooks Registration tool in SmartVault by completing the following steps:
    • In the bottom right-hand corner of your computer desktop (in the notification area by your clock), right-click on the SmartVault keyhole icon.
    • Click Actions > Fix QuickBooks Registration.
    • If Windows displays an “Allow this application to make changes” message, click Yes or OK.
    • The verification message “Your computer is ready for use” should display.
  4. After the verification message displays, complete the following steps:
    • Click Start > Programs > SmartVault > SmartVault Launchpad, and then sign in to SmartVault.
    • Reopen QuickBooks.
    • Answer the security question (if prompted) about allowing SmartVault to run.
  5. The SmartVault Toolbar should now display in QuickBooks
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