Creating a Vault Manager


If you need to create access for an employee for a specific list of clients but do not want them to have access to all clients, use this article to walk you through the steps on how to create a vault manager.
There are three tabs that you will see that allow you to create access to the vault manager. Choose which best fits your needs for the vault manager's access.

  • Vault Manager means they have full access (Read, Write, Create, Delete) and can invite other clients or add users to this vault that are not listed in the vault's access.
  • Vault Full Access means that the vault manager will not be able to invite additional users, however still has full access to Read, Create, Write, and Delete.
  • Vault Read Only means that they are only able to read and download from the vault as access. They will not be able to Upload, Overwrite, or Delete from the vault with this access.

All users listed as an administrator will be able to see any vaults regardless of whether they are not listed in the Vault Manager list.

Creating a Vault Manager

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Right-click on the Vault that you wish to customize for access.
  3. Click Add Member.
  4. You can invite the user if they are not listed in the box below, or if there is already a user listed, you can select which users will have access to the vault.
  5. If the user was not listed, input their email address from which they will be using to log in to SmartVault.
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