Granting Access to a User by Group Membership

In scenarios where you need to grant access to an employee for a specific list of clients without providing access to all clients, you can create a vault manager. Depending on your needs, you can grant different levels of access. Access types are defined by group membership.

Types of Vault Group Access

Vault Manager

  • Access Level: Full access (Read, Write, Create, Delete).
  • Additional Capabilities: Can invite other clients or add users to this vault, even if they are not in the vault's access list.
  • Eligibility: Must be a firm user.

Vault Full Access

  • Access Level: Full access (Read, Create, Write, and Delete). Cannot invite additional users.
  • Eligibility: Can be firm users, clients, or guests.

Vault Read Only

  • Access Level: Limited to Reading and Downloading from the vault. Cannot Upload, Overwrite, or Delete.
  • Eligibility: Can be firm users, clients, or guests.


All users listed as administrators will be able to view any vaults, even if they are not listed in the Vault Manager list.

Adding a User to a Vault Group

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Navigate to the Vault you wish to customize for access. Click Actions Actions icon.png and select Properties.
    FF - Vault Actions - Properties.png
  3. Click the Manage Group Members tab.
    FF - Vault properties manage group members+.png
  4. Click the corresponding tab to assign the user to one of the vault groups based on the required level of access (Vault Manager, Vault Full Access, or Vault Read Only).
    FF - Manage Group Members tabs.png


    These group names and tabs are available only in unstructured vaults (vaults located outside the Clients or Employees containers).

  5. Click Add Member.
  6. Invite or Assign Users:
    • If the user is already listed, select which users will have access to the vault and click Add.
      FF - Manage Group Members - Add Member.png
    • If the user you wish to add isn't listed, click Invite User Not in List. Enter their email address (the one they will use for SmartVault) and click Send Email.
      FF - Manage Group Members - Invite User.png

  7. Click Close.
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