Signing Out of the SmartVault Launchpad

To maintain a secure workflow, sign out of the SmartVault Launchpad properly after completing your tasks. Follow the steps below to ensure your account remains secure after each session.

Signing Out from the Launchpad

To sign out of the Launchpad:

  1. Open the SmartVault Launchpad: If it isn't already open, navigate to the SmartVault Launchpad on your desktop.
  2. Sign Out: Locate and click Sign out to exit your session securely.
    SV - Launchpad sign out.png

Signing Out via the System Tray

  1. Locate the SmartVault Icon: Look for the SmartVault icon in your system tray. It is typically located at the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Secure Sign Out: To safely end your session, right-click the SmartVault icon and select Sign Out from the context menu.
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