Signing in to the SmartVault Portal

All SmartVault users must sign in to the SmartVault portal before they can work with documents stored in SmartVault. Guest users sign in through the same portal.

If your account has Two-Factor Authentication, you’ll need to enter a 6-digit verification code to sign in. The code is sent to your chosen delivery method (email, SMS/text message, or automated phone call.)

To sign in to SmartVault:

  1. Go to


    If you have forgotten your password, click Can't sign in? and follow the instructions to reset your password.

  2. Enter your Email Address and Password.


    If you want SmartVault to remember your email and password, select Stay Signed In.

  3. Click Sign In.

Didn't Receive an Email or Activation Invitation?

  • If you are a guest/client user, haven't received your activation email, or have issues signing in, visit Activating and Using your SmartVault Guest Account for more information on activating your account. If you still need to receive your activation email after checking, contact the account owner, either the individual or the firm, that originally invited you. 
  • For Account Employees: If you are an employee of the company owning the SmartVault account, reach out to your account administrator for assistance.
  • For Individual Account Administrators: If you are the only administrator on the account, please contact SmartVault support for assistance.
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