Signing in to SmartVault with the SmartVault QuickBooks Toolbar


Before you can use SmartVault in conjunction with a QuickBooks company file, you must sign in to SmartVault. You can sign in to SmartVault from the QuickBooks Toolbar that appears after integrating your company file with SmartVault. You can use a company file stored on your computer, internal network, or hosted by a provider, as long as you've integrated the SmartVault QuickBooks Toolbar with the company file.

If you're trying to sign in to the online version of the SmartVault Toolbar for QuickBooks Online, Xero, Freshbooks, or Tallie, you will need to sign in to the SmartVault Portal.

Learn more about our online integration toolbar.

Signing into SmartVault

  1. Open QuickBooks and open a company file located on your computer or local network.
  2. If the SmartVault QuickBooks Toolbar has been integrated successfully with the company file, you will see a vertical stripe on the right side of QuickBooks.


    If the SmartVault QuickBooks Toolbar doesn't appear, you can verify your QuickBooks integration with these steps.

  3. Click Sign in and enter your SmartVault username and password.
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