Exploring Your SmartVault Portal

Let’s navigate the homepage together. You'll learn how to find what you need to start using SmartVault.

After logging in to my.smartvault.com, the SmartVault portal opens. You can change your View Preferences if you don’t see the homepage.

Navigation Panel

The navigation panel on the left is where you can access and manage your SmartVault accounts, documents, clients, and employees.

Company Logo and Account Name

Your company logo appears at the top of the navigation panel on the left side of the page, followed by your account name. If you have multiple accounts, click the arrow next to the account name to switch to a different account. Click the star to save the account as your default homepage.

Navigation Pages

The options in the navigation sidebar are links to the most important areas of the SmartVault portal.

  • View Files and Folders – Manage your client vaults, folders, public documents, and internal documents.
  • Bulk Send Files(Accounting Pro plans only) Save time by sending multiple documents, such as tax returns and financial statements, to multiple clients at once.
  • Request Docs – Streamline your client document request and upload workflow.
  • Client Management – Review and edit your client list and client profiles.
  • Manage Employees – Review and manage your employees' profiles and access levels.

Your Plan Name

Your SmartVault plan name appears at the bottom of the navigation sidebar under the SmartVault logo.

Administrators can click on the plan name to manage the account information and settings.

Your Home Page

The home page is what you see when you open your SmartVault portal. It includes your account tools, customizable shortcuts, and quick actions.

SmartVault Account Tools

At the top of your homepage is a set of tools to get help, view your notifications, and manage your account settings.

  • Click Help to go to the SmartHub and access helpful resources
    SV - SmartHub.png
  • Click Notifications to see important notifications and alerts
  • Click your profile initials to view and change your account settings

Your Shortcuts

Access your favorite vaults and folders faster with shortcuts. Your shortcuts are pinned at the top of the screen in the Shortcuts bar.

Stay in the Know

Get updates about new features and releases. Click What’s New and What’s Coming in the Get Started box to see the latest SmartVault updates. You may even get sneak peeks at what our team is working on to improve SmartVault.


These shortcuts get you where you need to go in the portal to complete your tasks.

Apps and Guides

Looking for SmartVault's apps and guides to use SmartVault's core features? Click Explore SmartVault under the Actions menu to access SmartVault Drive, SmartVault Inbox, our help center, and more.

Ready to Send

Shortcuts in the Ready to Send section let you send multiple clients' tax and accounting documents in just a few clicks (Accounting Pro Plans only).

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