Manually Adding a Client ID


A Client ID is like a customer number. Many systems will have some number to uniquely identify and index their client. For example, if you're using a tax software to prepare returns for your clients, you're familiar with this term. In the insurance industry, it could be a policy number or customer number.

: This article is recommended if you are just going to add one or a few client IDs at once. If you have more than a dozen new clients ID to add, we recommend importing clients via a CSV file.

When adding a client ID, keep the following in mind:

  • Once the client ID has been assigned, it can not be modified, edited, or changed.
  • The aliases are permanent and will re-add automatically even if they are deleted and saved.
  • The client ID must be 4 alphanumeric characters long and cannot contain any special characters.

Manually Adding a Client ID 

1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
2. Click Clients.

3. Click the client’s name. 

4. Under the Client ID section, click + and enter the client ID. For example, “ABC1”.
Note: Once created and saved, the client ID cannot be changed.

5. Click the Save changes icon.