Restoring QuickBooks or Reckon Accounts Company Files


When you restore a backup of a company file, SmartVault uses the last known location of that company file on your computer as the default location where it will restore the backup file.

If SmartVault has never worked with that particular company on the current computer, it will use the default Company Files folder as the default location. You can also choose an alternate location on your local computer to restore the company file.

Restoring a Company File

  1. Install the SmartVault Desktop software.


    For more information, see Installing the SmartVault Desktop Software.

  2. Verify that you are signed in to SmartVault from the SmartVault Desktop software by completing the following steps:
    • From the Start menu, click Start > Programs > SmartVault > SmartVault Launchpad.
    • If the Sign in to your SmartVault account link displays, you are not signed from the SmartVault Desktop software. Click Sign in to your SmartVault account, enter the email address and password for your SmartVault account, and then click Sign In.
    • If the Sign in to your SmartVault account link does not appear, you are already logged in to SmartVault from the Desktop software.
  3. On the SmartVault Launchpad, click Restore QuickBooks data.
  4. In the SmartVault field, select the vault that contains the QuickBooks company file.
  5. In the Company field, choose the name of the company file you want to restore.


    Once you select the company file you want to restore, the Destination field displays the location where the QuickBooks company file will be restored.

  6. In the Backup field, select the backup you want to restore.
  7. Click Restore.
  8. When the restore completes, click Close.
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