SmartVault for Tax Accounting Trial Guide: The Data Migration Tool

The Data Migration Tool

A window opens called the Getting Starting Wizard. This Wizard is the Data Migration tool, and it guides you through your migration to SmartVault from one of Intuit's integrated products: DMS, Lacerte, or ProSeries. 

Be sure to check behind any other open windows on your desktop in case you can't find the tool.

Import and Total Client Limits

Your imports from Intuit DMS are limited to 10 total clients. After ten clients, you must purchase the Data Migration Tool. 

Your imports from either Intuit tax application (Lacerte or ProSeries) are unlimited, as long as you have less than ten clients in your SmartVault account at a time. 

To enable more than ten clients in your SmartVault account, you must purchase a SmartVault plan. To avoid any limits, you can purchase a SmartVault plan and the DMS Data Migration tool.

If you plan on using the Data Migration Tool during your trial, we recommend importing ten clients from your tax application and then importing the same ten clients' documents from DMS. 

If you would rather skip this experience, click Cancel, and you can print a client's tax return directly to SmartVault from your tax application instead. Do not select Skip if you want to use this Wizard at another time. 

Choosing When to Migrate: Now or Later

You can choose to complete this Wizard now or when you're more acquainted with SmartVault. We recommend completing this Wizard now, as it helps understand how folder templates and sharing works in SmartVault. 

Even if you complete this Wizard, you don't have to migrate any clients or data until you're ready. Completing the Wizard sets up your folder template to use in SmartVault.


If you choose to finish this Wizard later, close the window or click Cancel. This Wizard will appear each time you sign in to the SmartVault desktop. Refer to this article if you have trouble reopening the Wizard. 

Don't select Skip, as this will stop the Wizard from appearing again later. After you complete the Wizard or close ut, open the Connected Desktop to continue with this guide.

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