Sharing Vaults and Folders


Secure file sharing in folders is at the heart of what we do. You can grant access to an entire vault and all its contents or a single folder. SmartVault provides the flexibility you need to share any way you want to: with your employees, your clients, and other professionals outside your company,

After you create vaults and folders, you can share them with other users. When you share a vault or folder or folder set, other users can view and manage documents stored in the vault or folder based on the permissions you specify.

With SmartVault, you can share a vault in two ways:

  1. Use the Manage Group Members option when you want to give users specific access to every folder and document in the vault without exception. For more information about this option, see Sharing Vaults. If you allocate one vault per client to house their respective QuickBooks or Reckon Accounts company file, this is the recommended practice. 
  2. Use the View Access and Notifications option when you want to give users access to some of the folders in the vault.

Benefits of This Feature

SmartVault lets you decide how you want to share your Vaults and folders with employees and with your clients. You can share exactly what you want to share with anyone in your workflow.

When to Use This Feature

Use the sharing capabilities of SmartVault to define an efficient workflow where employees and clients are sharing, uploading, and downloading documents based on permissions and access settings.

Learn more about sharing with SmartVault


This method is not for use with Tax Plan users. As a Tax Plan user, you create and provide access to vaults by inviting your employees and tax clients. Instead, see the links below or visit SmartVault Academy for help with setting up your account as a tax professional.

Creating Vaults and Folders:

Granting Access to Vaults and Folders:

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